Welcome To Malor, a world rich in magic, dragons, intrigue and adventure.

This particular story starts in the kingdom of Tiamar in the town of Three Forks. Three Forks is a town of trade, of commerce and a town currently in trouble. Situated on the Eltramier river where the imperial road crosses and forks on its way to the Kingdom of Z’mar and the coastal city of Malchon, Three forks serves as a useful rest stop for the great trade caravans and more recently troop garrisons from the heart of the Empire.

The trouble brewing for Three Forks also means trouble for the Empire. Rumors have spread that high ranking battlemages have been assassinated, and armories burned to the gound. Now even worse news, weapons shipments from the great Dwarven forge town of Dun Murlong have ceased for over 2 fortnights. Dun Morlong is situated on a sheer cliff where the great river tumbles down from the snow capped peaks of the barrier range. With rich ores from the mountains and great coal seams exposed on the cliff face has made Dun Morlong an impressive settlement dedicated to industry and war. refugees have been trickling in for the past few days speaking of a dragon causing death and destruction. A few brave souls who had faced the dragon were incinerated on the spot. Survivors said the dragon bellowed that he wanted to meet real adventurers, beings of great fortitude, of whose services he wished to employ.

Without a steady supply of Dwarven technology and weapons the Empire is facing increased hostility with Z’mar. Who while much less populous than Tiamar the Z’marian empire has great mages of untold power who field magical constructs of impressive strength and skill, and only the might of Tiamarian battlemages and the legions they command hold at bay. With the balance of power shifting, war looms.

With all this turbulence in the world a group of old friends, long since going their separate ways, each hear of the struggles of their home town and decide to see if they can lend their own unique services in the aid of their town and the empire as a whole.

This is where our adventure begins.

The Game is currently in the planning stage. Hopefully we should get going right after the new year.

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An Adventurer's Tale

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