An Adventurer's Tale

Ancient Mysteries

The Adventure so far!

We last left our intrepid adventurers outside of a portal to somewhere under their new warehouse “Far and Wide”. They have just encountered what appears to them to be a demigod machine from out of time built for some obscure purpose. It talked about the “Final command” and how it had to begin preparations.

This all came about because the adventurers were tasked by the Magistrate of Three Forks, Marcus Teller, and his compatriot Darthom to find out why weapon shipments had began going missing. Turns out there was more afoot than just missing weapons. After besieging Far and Wide and capturing Gregarian Northfield, they found a magical portal underneath the warehouse.

After “inquiring” about what was going on to Gregarian, he confessed that he was in cahoots with Marrissa Farwalker, a half-elf heiress who’s fallen on very hard times. As our adventurers go to confront Marrissa at her estate outside of Three Forks, they find someone has beat them to the punch. They arrive at the manor house to discover a smoking hole in the side of the building and an eerie quiet settled over the area. After searching the house they find a couple looters, one who has a runic necklace that opens a door to the cellar, where our heroes discover a terrible ritual underway with Marrissa tied up and obviously the focus. After an impressive display of power by Sazarac, their ritual is disrupted and their true form of Warforge is revealed. After telling the party that they will not stop the servants of the Lords of Iron, they attack the group, but after being brought low by the initial attack of the wizard, the party was able to make quick work and neutralize the threat.

After Freeing Marrissa she tells them that her and Gregarian had uncovered the portal under Far and Wide while excavating a hidden basement to store weapons, she also gives them the magical glasses they found near the portal, believing that they’ve caused her all this trouble. After some further discussion the party decided to help Marrissa with her shady activities for a part of the cut, and her connections with a Dwarf in Dun Murlong, who has been providing weapons and also researching the portal under the warehouse.

After leaving Marrissas home The Party decides to goes and discusses what they have uncovered with Marcus and Darthom, and negotiate ownership of the Warehouse as a reward for “solving” the problem. After this they decide to go to the portal, and as they stand before it the mage puts on the glasses, and sees the symbols around the portal change to what appears to him to be musical notes, he feels a compulsion and pulls out the flute and begins to play. Once he completes his song he sees the portal fade away and an entrance to another space appears. They go through into a magical dimness and again the wizard falls to his compulsion as he sees the same symbols around the pedestal of what appears to be a stories tall statue. After completing his song, even with interference from the rest of the party, the statue comes to life into the demigod they interact with.

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