Gregarian Northfield

Rags to Riches Noble, Former Owner of Far and Wide


Gregarian is a former merchant who has dreams of Granduer. After opening Far and Wide he has began the climb of the social ladder. Dressing richer and more pompously than his stature, he appears a bit of a blowhard. Don’t let that exterior fool you though, he spent years as a caravan merchant and he knows his way around a broadsword.

He is part of a Partnership that includes Marrissa Farwalker and Nollis Ironsides. They have been working to drive the prices of weapons up for their own gain. Between hijacking shipments of weapons, and marking up the weapons that Nollis makes, they have been making a killing.

Gregarian secretly harbors a crush on Marrissa, who in his eyes exemplifies a woman, strong, beautiful and cunning.

After his capture, Gregarian’s future is unclear, what will the magistrate do to him?

Gregarian Northfield

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