Marrissa Farwalker

Blue Blooded Half-Elf. Her family line has fallen on hard times. She seeks to reclaim her rightful power


Marrissa Farwalker is a Half-Elf from an old family in Three Forks. Over a century ago her family was the prominent family in Three-Forks, running almost all of the merchantile business through a combination of loyalty to and from their employees and a cutthroat business attitude. After the last war and the sacking of Three Forks, her family business was shattered and her family murdered. She was only a child and watched as the town put itself back together, but without the Farwalkers in the lead. Ever since she has vowed to rebuild her family name and to ascend to greatness once again, even if it means dipping her toes into the seedy underbelly of business and commerce.

Working with what contacts she had left with the Dwarfs, and creating a partnership with upcoming Merchant Gregarian Northfield, they began to smuggle weapons and waylay other merchants shipments.

After her recent capture and rescue by The Party, she still is going to continue in her business ventures, but she sees the world as a greater place, with the potential for wealth and power she hadn’t considered before.


Marrissa Farwalker

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