Elves of the Hinterland

The elves are a fiercely tight knit society. Living in “The Fatherland” they consider the the forest the father of their civilization. Beyond the edges of the forest where humans tread the elves tend and groom the forest in what they believe to be the truest path.

Believing in racial purity they aggressively shun Elven deviants from their cities and towns. These elves who believe in greater interaction and integration with the other races are granted their wish in the worst way possible, total exile and never being allowed back into their homeland.

The Elves in the greater world are made up of these exiles. In the larger cities there can even be found small communities of Elves. Though bitter, these elves believe they can bring about the change they desire by growing their populations to challenge the views most people hold about Elves. In the cities is also where the few half elves live. These people between races are excepted by their exiled parents, but many long for a glimpse of their homeland, one they will never be able to achieve. While full blooded elves are exiled, mixed bloods are shot on sight if they enter too deep into the forests. Elves of the wood consider these mix bloods to be abominations upon the world, and even though their own policies and beliefs are the cause, they cannot see the errors of their ways.


Elves of the Hinterland

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