Gnomes stick fairly true to their 4ed roots. Wanderlust infects most of the race and they are seldom found staying in one place too long. Gnomes can regularly be found joining halflings in their caravans as bards or sorcerers, depending on the need. Usually heading one direction or another they rarely make a round trip, having already seen everything there is to see on the way.

Gnomes can also be found joining new adventuring parties, eager to see the world and face monsters and mysteries. They will usually stay with a group as long as the adventures keep coming. If a group settles down for a while the gnome might disappear until mysteriously, right before the adventures set out again, show up and be fully prepared for the adventure at hand.

There’s even stories of adventurers grandchildren who when getting ready to head out on their own, are joined by gnomes who had adventured with their grandparents before they settled down. Now with the grandchildren taking up the mantle, the gnome sees fresh opportunity for adventure.



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