House Rules

House Rules -

I don’t like to change too much about the base game but there are a few things I like to implement to make things more fun in my opinion, as well as to create more varied characters.

First Rule – I like to encourage roleplay in my games, so we are dropping the alignment system and going with a “Background”, “Motivations” and “Desires” system. When you role play and take your characters urges into account, in combat or outside of it, I give out +1 tokens. These tokens can be cashed in anytime a +1 would come in handy. If you save up ten of these tokens, you can trade them in for a golden action point that carries over day to day until you deside to use it. Limit 1!

Second Rule – I don’t like “+1” weapons and items, I feel they focus too much on getting new loot. I feel that items should grow with their characters. At certain level ups you will automatically gain these pluses towards your character. These represent the progression of skill with your weapons, implements, items and armor.

These levels are as follows…
lvl 2 +1
lvl 5 +2
lvl 10 +3
lvl 15 +4
lvl 20 +5

Third rule – Automatic skill feats. In 4ed to keep the math balanced most classes have to take expertise feats to keep up with combat. I feel that this takes away from the more fun, flavorful feats so everyone gets an expertise feat at character creation for free!


House Rules

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