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The information below in this wiki is presented in the beginning as what a citizen of Tiamar would generally know or at least heard rumor of. As our band of adventures discovers the mysteries of the world these entries will be updated to reflect that.


* Tiamar

* Z’mar

* Dwarven Baronies

* Elves of the Hinterland

* Great Divide and the Down Below

* The Free Lands

* The Unknown South


See the players handbooks for a general description of the races in pathfinder. See the links below for their specifics in how they fit into the world of Malor. Listed below are just the playable races that players may pick for their characters. Any other races may potentially be in the game, but only in NPC form.

* Dwarves

* Elves

* Gnomes

* Half-elves

* Halflings

* Humans

* Dragon Born

* Goliaths

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