Three Forks

Three Forks sits on the forking of one of the major rivers of the world, the Eltramier. Three Forks is an industrial border town that deals with the Dwarves, Humans of both kingdoms and even the Elves. Where many towns and interior cities are more homogenous in their peoples, Three Forks is a melting pot of races and religions. Walking down a street in town you might easily see a small down farm boy gawking at groups of Dwarves working great forges, or of Elves tending tall trees with impressive girth that they use as their places of rest, worship and business. They might stop in awe at the great Z’marian constructs loaded with wares walking down the main avenues towards market, led by their Z’marian mage handlers. If they headed down to the riverside That same farm boy would see huge barges that ply the deep river, heading down from the Dwarven cities in the barrier range to the port city of Malchon where the Eltramier empties into the sea of M’Loro.

Three Forks, unlike many places in the world, sees most of the major races and peoples working together toward a common good. The current rise in tensions between the two great Kingdoms has many worried. These other people aren’t just Z’marians, Dwarves or Elves. These people are friends, co-workers and sometimes even family. The town has seen increased military presence from both Tiamar and Z’mar. Nothing hugely overt but a definite increase in patrols passing through the area, eying each other warily. The town guard is pressed to the limits to keep rowdy soldiers from either side from starting a flare up that could lead to all out war.

Places in Town

- Dragon’s Head Inn
This inn built on the edge of the respectable areas of town and the more seedy. It is known for its fair dealings with clientele, frequent adventuring parties passing through, and strong drink.

- Far and Wide
Gregarian Northfields business. On the edge of the wharf district, this faded red warehouse features curios from around the world. Mostly just nicknacks and other curiosities, occasionally Gregarian will get something really valuable. Gregarian himself puts on airs of nobility but is in fact not much above the workers in his warehouse.

- Caldwell’s Arms
Janson Caldwell is the smith and proprietor of Caldwell’s arms. One of the better armories in town he has all kinds of interesting items that are right up the ally of any smart adventuring party. For the right price he might even be able to improve a groups weapons to be more affective.

- Nicholas’ Apothecary
Nicholas Armath run’s a hole in the wall Apothecary in the mage district. Friend of Marcus, the adventured together in their youth. A jovial soul, Nicholas loves a good puzzle and can become quite focused when solving problems.


Three Forks

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