Tiamar is situated between the steppes of the great northern barrier range and the Old Growth, the human name for the ancient fatherland of the elves. A prosperous nation since it’s founding, Tiamar has generally fair climate and rich soil, prosperous trade and bountiful resources. Living hasn’t been a hardship for most of the kingdom since time long since forgotten. Tiamar is known for the strength of its arms and the mighty battlemages that lead them, none stronger than the current King Jarrol Tiam, a direct blood line descendant of the original King.

Between the Free Lands on its eastern borders and Z’mar on its south western, Tiamar has seen its fair share of warfare against those who would seek to steal its bounty. Always it has prevailed though and there have been no incursions into the inner kingdom in over 600 years, not since the lineage crisis that threatened the bloodlines of the Kings themselves. Times are changing though. Word has been spreading that the King is not well, that there are mysterious accidents occurring across the Kingdom. Weapons of the legions have went missing and then found destroyed later, high level battlemages have been found assassinated, and now a Dragon has appeared, crippling one of the Dwarven Forge towns that line the great barrier range and supply many of the legions weapons.

Cities and Towns

There are many great cities and towns in the Kingdom of Tiamar, listed here are a selection of them.

Lortran (Capitol)

Three Forks (Border Town)

Dun Morlong (Dwarven Forge Town)

Cirro Bay (Northern Port City)

Harnn (Fortress Town)

Malchon (Southern Port City)



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