Z’mar is situated between the shield islands on the west and sea of M’loro on the east. on its Northeast border sits Tiamar, which being the only other human empire has been a source of tension for centuries. Oncea great savannah, climate change has started to ravage this fair land with creeping deserts and longer and longer droughts. Z’mar is a Plutocracy that is lead by the 6 members of the Greatest of the Mage Families, these positions handed down to the eldest in each family, man or woman.

Z’mar’s culture is one of reverent worship towards magic and the power it can command. At the center of this are the crystals. These crystals allow magical energy to be infused into lifeless constructs, generating a power source that grants these machines limited intelligence and a powerful life force as it were. The Z’marians use these constructs as part of day to day life, hauling supplies, turning giant pumps to pull water up from the depths, and as part of their military, as they can be given simplified commands and be trusted to carry them out without dereliction of duty or corruption. A Z’marian mage in command of a construct can link his own senses with the constructs with a bit of will, allowing him to see and experience what his construct does. Word has reached the Council of Mages that some fear that the crystals are to blame for this change in Z’mar’s climate. That the power they wield has thrown nature of kilter and the ever expanding desert and droughts are a direct cause. Publicly the Council has denied these claims.

Time long ago that Z’mar shared some of these constructs with Tiamarwhen the two nations were on friendlier terms. They taught Tiamar’s mages how to handle the crystals. The constructs were used as guardians for great treasures and secrets too valuable to be kept by humans. In the intervening centuries these constructs have been lost to time, it is unknown how long the crystals power these beings, and they could still be languishing away in some dark crypt or catacomb in Tiamar, waiting once again for someone to discover them.

Cities and Towns

There are many great cities and towns in the Kingdom of Z’mar, listed here are a selection of them.

Solaro (Capitol)

T’chara (Eastern Port Town)



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